Panel Submission

We're happy to announce Panel Submissions are ready for Shine Con 2018!  Panel applications will be reviewed by our Panel coordinator before being accepted in our programming.  Once accepted you will be contacted by our Panel coordinator on the E-Mail address given.  Please read our guidelines before submitting your Panel application.  Panel Submissions will close in July. 

Panel Guidelines

  • We do not provide any form of computer or laptop. Equipment such as a projectors must be requested on the form.
  • Panels that present material that violates copyright or other intellectual property rights within the United States are strictly prohibited.  Fair Use exceptions apply however.
  • The Lead Panelist must be over the age of 16 when submitting a panel application

Panelist Conduct

  • Panelists may not offer food and/or drink to attendees while conducting a panel.
  • Panelists must begin their panel within 10 minutes of the start time.  
  • Panelists may not charge any of their audience money for viewing the panel  

18+ Panels

  • Panels that include content that is identified as adult material or inappropriate for minors will be marked as 18+
  • As the name implies 18+ Panels may not include panelists under the age of 18
  • All 18+ Panels will require attendees to present a government-issued photo ID as proof
  • 18+ Content includes:
    • Hentai
    • Explicit Yaoi and Yuri
    • Adult Language
    • Gore
    • Nudity/Partial Nudity
    • Sexual Content

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