Vanessa, aka xxfruitcakexxx cosplay, has been cosplaying since 2005 and has made over 70 costumes. Her love for videogames influences her cosplay and she is often seen streaming her adventures. Fruitcake enjoys teaching others as well as just being a derp. She has had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies such as Gamefly and BandaiNamco and is excited to be a part of Shine Con. She can't wait to meet all of you!

Steff Von Schweetz

Steff Von Schweetz has been cosplaying since 2003 with nearly 200 costumes under her belt. She prides herself on being completely self taught in all aspects of the hobby and believes that anyone can cosplay, regardless of skill. Steff has won a handful of awards across the West Coast including Best in Show and Best Advanced Craftsmanship; and has been a guest for major cons including Wizard World and Anime Expo. While she loves to craft and create, Steff's favorite hobby is annoying people with her love of Neon Gensis Evangelion.

Gabrielle Cooke

Gabrielle Cooke Cosplay has been cosplaying for over three years. She loves creating and sharing her love of cosplay with anyone she can. Gabby strives for positivity in the community and enjoys spending her time learning new techniques and passing along crafting tips and tricks. When she is not cosplaying she is spending her time with her two lovely cats Boo'Boos and Ba'bum.