Friday Panels

Waifu Wars

Fan Panel - 11:00 AM Panel Room 1

Description: Prepare to to fight as we determine who is truly "Best Girl". Will your Waifu come out on top?

The Ninjitsu Wheel

Fan Panel - 12:00 PM Panel Room 1

Description: Today, the Sand Village trio and ya bois will bid for prizes with contestants on The Ninjutsu Wheel. Spin the wheel, compete with others, and dab on the haters to win prizes!

Kpop Ultimate Challenge

Fan Panel - 1:00 PM Panel Room 1

Description: Join us for a K-Pop trivia style game and test your K-Pop knowledge to win some fun prizes!

Cosplay Make Up for Boys w/Moderately Okay Cosplay

Guest Panel - 2:30 PM Panel Room 1

Guess that Anime Theme Song

Fan Panel - 3:30 PM Panel Room 1

Description: Come compete in our "Guess that Anime Theme Song," where you will compete against the audience to win some awesome prizes! Theme songs will range from 80s anime to current day! We hope to see you there.

Guess that Fate Grand Order Servant

Fan Panel - 5:00 PM Panel Room 1

Description: This is an elimination guessing game where seven different people each round are going to answer questions based on the Fate series. There will be prizes!

Hey there Crybaby - Devilman Crybaby

Fan Panel - 6:00 PM Panel Room 1

Description: Join the Devilish pair in a time filled of games and trivia/love and laughs! You wont wanna miss the start of the New World!

Davey Back Fight!!! (Straw Hats vs YOU!)

Fan Panel - 7:30 PM Panel Room 1

Description: YOHOHOHO!!! Welcome fellow pirates and privateers, to the fight of your life. Sin City Straw Hats challenges you to an evening of fun and festivities. be warned, you are about to face off against one of the most wacky and zany groups ever. The Straw Hats are no newcomers to adventure, but the city of Sin is gonna show them a real fun ride. do you have what it takes to beat them, find out here!!!!

Kpop Random Dance

Fan Panel - 8:30 PM Panel Room 1

Description: Come join us and dance to your fav kpop dances!


Body Positivity w/Gabby Cooke Cosplay

Guest Panel - 11:00 AM Panel Room 2

Fruitcake Cosplay: Ask Away!

Guest Panel - 12:00 PM Panel Room 2

Nier Automata Panel w/Kira Buckland

Guest Panel - 1:00 PM Panel Room 2

So You Wanna Be A Twitch Streamer (Path to Partner) w/ Shinobazu

Fan Panel - 2:00 PM Panel Room 2

Description: Being a Partner is much more then just playing the game well, or having a large audience. Its making the move into being an entertainer, and also a Featured representative of Twitch, and all who broadcast on the site, wherever you go. They'll will be things expected of you both on and off Stream. But If you REALLY Wanna take your stream to the next Level, XxShinobazuxX of the Pizza Friday Crew with do his best to show you how! This panel Will Teach you everything You need to Get that Verified Check Mark, and all that comes with it on "The Path To Partner"!

Welcome to the Literature Club

Fan Panel - 3:00 PM Panel Room 2

Description: It's time to win over the heart of your favorite Doki! Come join Monika, Sayori, Yuri and Natsuki in some fun after school activities! Write poetry, play games, answer trivia and more! You better hurry, club activities are about to begin!

Cosplay vs. Anxiety w/ Brinni & Kiki

Guest Panel - 4:00 PM Panel Room 2

Interpret & Create w/ Steff von Schweetz

Guest Panel - 5:00 PM Panel Room 2

Persona 5 Panel w/ Sean Chiplock

Guest Panel - 6:00 PM Panel Room 2

The Interactive History of Fighting Games

Fan Panel - 10:00 PM Panel Room 2

Description: Fighting Game history, where it started and where we are now. Come and join us and take part in this interactive course!!

What is Reality Part 1 w/ Reuben Langdon

Guest Panel - 10:00 PM Panel Room 1

Saturday Panels


Panel Guidelines

  • We do not provide any form of computer or laptop. Equipment such as a projectors must be requested on the form.

  • Panels that present material that violates copyright or other intellectual property rights within the United States are strictly prohibited. Fair Use exceptions apply however.

  • The Lead Panelist must be over the age of 16 when submitting a panel application

Panelist Conduct

  • Panelists may not offer food and/or drink to attendees while conducting a panel.

  • Panelists must begin their panel within 10 minutes of the start time.

  • Panelists may not charge any of their audience money for viewing the panel

18+ Panels

  • Panels that include content that is identified as adult material or inappropriate for minors will be marked as 18+

  • As the name implies 18+ Panels may not include panelists under the age of 18

  • All 18+ Panels will require attendees to present a government-issued photo ID as proof

  • 18+ Content includes:

    • Hentai

    • Explicit Yaoi and Yuri

    • Adult Language

    • Gore

    • Nudity/Partial Nudity

    • Sexual Content