Badge Prices:
3-Day Pass: $30 | 1-Day Pass: $15

Convention Hours

10am-12am FRI/SAT | 10am-5pm SUN

Exhibit Hall: 11am-6pm FRI/SAT | 11pm-3pm SUN

Game Room: 10am-10pm FRI/SAT | 10am-4pm SUN

Welcome to our first year of Shine Con! We're a new convention located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We're focused on bringing you the best anime and video game related entertainment we can! From our special events, guests, and video game tournaments there will be plenty of things for everyone to enjoy. Our goal is to help contribute to our ever-growing community and give you another event to be excited for each year! We wish to bring this culture to the forefront and celebrate it together, so come and join us Summer 2018 for beginning of our convention!